sunday need
you can’t hide behind a curtain.
moving away
shooting the empty spaces
a little dab of nostalgy
triple chocolate muffins. 
my sweet little something for today. :)just ask if you want the recipe! 
my fabric city
trying the pizza dough for the first time. i’m pretty happy about the result! :)feel free to ask for the recipe! ;)
long time no see camera, spring, sun, Tereza… 
this has been over a year now. my place. 
i found this today on a chocolate label. i’ve always considered myself as a TRUE chocolate lover but this is just something i don’t relate to. 
come oooon, there is not a chance of defining chocolate lovers by their eating habits! i mean, that’s exactly like all the stupid hierarchies people belong to. 
you can be a chocolate lover. doesn’t matter if it takes you 5 days or 5 minutes to deal with the “chocolate bussiness”. just be sure you feel it. if you consider yourself as a chocolate lover, then you are. 

seems like i got a little excited here.. :3